Friday, 22 March 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday!

Today (Sunday 24 March 2013) I'm taking part in Sneak Peek Sunday!

Here are the first 6 paragraphs of my TOP 100 Hot New Release in Erotica, BBW Needs Hot Sex

"Amy hurried down the street, checking her watch.  She had to meet her sister for coffee before heading to the bookstore where she worked. 

A guy she’d never met before smirked as she walked past, causing her to frown.  She wasn’t used to guys paying her any attention at all.  At five foot four and twenty pounds overweight, she was used to being overlooked.  Although she had recently gotten a flattering new hair style which she loved, her plump figure and ordinary looks meant that she wasn’t exactly beating guys off with a stick.  She left that kind of thing to her sister.

Amy pulled open the door of the coffee shop.  Warmth and the aroma of freshly roasted coffee greeted her, as did a short bald guy coming out.  “Give me a call, honey.”  The man chuckled as he walked past.
She blinked.  What?  But before she could even turn around to stare after him, she saw her sister waving at her from a booth.  Amy joined her and sat down.  Picking up the mocha that had already been ordered for her, she took a welcome sip. 

“Thanks, Tracey.  I needed that.”  She smiled at her sister, taking in the natural blond hair, bright blue eyes and slender frame.  As usual, she felt a little twinge of envy.

Tracey was three years older than her, and seemed absolutely perfect.  She had never carried an extra ounce of weight in her life and was happily married to a successful lawyer."

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

BBW Needs Hot Sex is a TOP 100 Hot New Release!

My new erotic romance, BBW Needs Hot Sex is a TOP 100 HOT NEW RELEASE in Erotica at Amazon!  Thank you if you've already bought a copy :-)

Hope you like the cover! :-) It definitely gave me inspiration while I was writing it!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cover Reveal for BBW Needs Hot Sex!

It's finally out!  My new BBW erotic romance, titled BBW Needs Hot Sex

When Amy's slender sister places a Personals ad in the local newspaper, advertising Amy's need for some hot sex, Amy is mortified!  But then she meets Nick.  Is he just interested in a one night stand or something more?

Here is the cover.  I love it! :-)