Sunday, 23 February 2014

Just Released! Curves and Cowboys: BBW Romance Boxed Set (Coldwater Springs 1-4)

The first four romances in the popular Coldwater Springs series, now together for the first time in a boxed set!  Total length of this boxed set is approximately 39,000 words.  These romances are the perfect length when you want a short read - day or night.

Please note:  If you’ve already bought each individual romance, you do not need to buy the boxed set.

Curves and the Cowboy (BBW Romance - Coldwater Springs 1)

When curvy Sarah Grant comes home to Coldwater Springs after spending six years in the city, the last person she expects to bump into is sexy Chase McCord.  After having a teenage crush on him for years, she thought she was finally over him.  After all, why keep fantasizing about someone you can never have?  But when Chase makes it clear he’s ready to claim her for his own, Sarah finds it hard to believe him.  Can he convince her they were made for each other?

This is a sexy contemporary romance novelette of approximately 7,000 words.

Curves and the Sheriff (BBW Romance - Coldwater Springs 2)

When Libby Grant breezes into Coldwater Springs, Wyoming, the last thing she expects is to be pulled over on the highway by Sheriff Jake Morgan.  Sparks fly when Jake suspects her of being a con-artist and is tempted to arrest her!

But when he discovers the real reason she’s in town, he finds he can’t get curvy Libby out of his mind - or his heart.  Can he convince her that his feelings for her are real?

This is a short, sexy contemporary BBW romance of approximately 7,700 words.

Curves and the Rancher (BBW Romance - Coldwater Springs 3)

When Cassie’s car breaks down in Coldwater Springs, Wyoming, she’s in a bind.  On the run, she doesn’t know who she can trust.

Until she meets Luke Jackson.  The hunky rancher captures her heart and helps her face her fears.  But can he convince her that he’s fallen in love with her, and her curves?

This is a sexy contemporary romance novelette of approximately 12,700 words. 

Curves and the Rodeo Star (BBW Romance - Coldwater Springs 4)

When Emma Banks meets ex-rodeo star Cade Winters, she finds him a little too cocky for his own good!  Although he’s attractive, he's also infuriating.

When he trains one of the horses she cares for, she runs out of excuses to avoid him.  Thrown together almost daily, she sees a different side to him and realizes she’s fallen in love with him. 

But what does Cade feel about her?  Can he truly love her - and her curves?

This is a sexy contemporary romance novelette of approximately 11,600 words.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I'm on Adrienne deWolfe's blog talking about writing!

Apologies for not posting for a while, but I've been busy, first with writing Curves and the Rodeo Star, then working on my new book, a 20,000 word novella!

But meanwhile, I found time to write a short post for my friend Adrienne deWolfe's blog, What I Discovered In My first 13 Months as an Indie Author