Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion is on Smashwords!

My new erotic romance, Hot and Sexy 1: Seductive Persuasion, is now available for free on Smashwords!  It will also be available soon on Amazon.

Here's the cover:  please tell me what you think!

I'm really excited about this two part series, and I'm working hard on Hot and Sexy 2, which I hope to release by the end of April.

So what's it about?

Running away to an isolated cabin for a few days, Christy is shocked when Jared turns up at her door. She wanted time alone to mull over Jared’s proposition that she move in with him. Since they haven’t been dating long, she wants to make sure she makes the right decision. But Jared follows her, hoping to persuade her with his own special brand of seduction. An erotic romance for Adults 18+