Thursday, 2 April 2015

Brand New Release: Curves and the Russian Wrangler (BBW Romance - Coldwater Springs 6)

 Curves and the Russian Wrangler (BBW Romance - Coldwater Springs 6)

 The next romance in the Coldwater Springs series is out! It's 13,000 words or around 40 Kindle pages and is priced at 99c (free in Kindle Unlimited).

When sexy Mikhail stops curvy Amber Dawson from falling face-first on the sidewalk, she can’t believe she hasn’t noticed the gorgeous Russian before in the small Wyoming town of Coldwater Springs.

She realizes she’s neglected everything lately because of her new promotion at the local boutique and vows to have more fun in her life!

But when her horse bites her, she takes him to Mikhail, the only available horse trainer in town.

Mikhail can’t seem to get enough of her - or her curves. Is he really falling for her? Will Amber let her insecurities about her figure stand in the way, or will she take a chance on love?

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